Case Studies

Our scientists use the Descartes Labs Platform daily to accomplish great research. We have collected some of their projects here to show how easy it is to get started.

Mapping the land from space
Carly Mertes Geographer

Cropland probabilities reveal patterns of deforestation in Brazil.

There are at the very least six separate global land cover mapping efforts being undertaken by organizations such as ESA and NASA, with others focusing on one specific land cover type such as cropland, urban extent, or forest distribution.

These are significant efforts. And developing a classification model to map land cover — the primary research activity — is often not the most arduous part. Just accessing imagery can be daunting.

See an example of how the Descartes Labs Platform takes the pain out of accessing the imagery needed to conduct global land cover research.

Fighting wildfires using a cloud-based supercomputer
Daniela Moody Machine Learning / Data Scientist

Burn severity index map for the Soberanes fire on the Monterey peninsula in California in 2016.

In the wake of yet another season of significant wildfire activity across the US and in particular California, our drought-weary states brace for the start of a new wildfire season that will once more put lives and property in danger.

See a demonstration of automated wildfire monitoring and burn scar assessment using the Descartes Labs Platform, which provides easy access to remotely sensed imagery, a key technology to help keep us all safe as the climate changes and the risks of catastrophic wildfires continues to grow.