During the 2016 growing season in the United States, Descartes Labs released its corn and soy forecast weekly. We released our first forecast ahead of the USDA’s August Crop Production Report and concluded our forecasts in October.

2016 Corn & Soy Forecast
for United States
As of October 11th 2016

Corn yield 171.2 bu/a (± 2.1)

+1.7% from 2015

Soy yield 48.8 bu/a (± 1.4)

+1.6% from 2015

Descartes Labs released its yield forecast weekly throughout the 2016 United States growing season.

State and County Level Forecasts

Descartes Labs releases a weekly forecast for every corn and soy producing state and county in the United States. This visibility is unprecedented. USDA NASS provides monthly forecasts at the national level and for select states. With Descartes Labs, you can see your county’s end of year yield months in advance of the final January production report.

About the Descartes Labs Forecast

Our forecasts are fully automated. Every day, we forecast corn and soy yields for corn and soy producing state and county in the United States. And we do so with unprecedented accuracy.

We generate a new forecast every day because we collect new data every day. A lot of it. Nearly 5 terabytes. This data consists of satellite imagery from multiple NASA, ESA, and commercial constellations. We also collect the latest weather readings and additional agronomically significant signals in real time. To enable data collection and daily processing at this rate, we’ve developed our own hyper-scalable, machine-learning platform. Forecasting at this scale simply cannot be accomplished by sampling individual farms.