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Fortune 500 companies

Descartes Labs serves organizations whose success is tied to the physical world. For them, geospatial data promises global transparency and more accurate market predictions. We enable them to combine diverse sets of data and build predictive analytics that open new sources of revenue, increase operational efficiency, and reduce risk.

Maintaining a diverse customer base is a critical element of our strategy. We are convinced that improving the decision making of commercial, government, and impact organizations is the fastest path to tackling global crises like climate change, food security, and preservation of our natural resources.

Commercial Use Cases

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Identify high value applications for your data

Industry buyers aren’t generally aware of the vast array of geospatial data options. And data providers don’t often have early exposure to new, high-value use cases where they can monetize their data. Descartes Labs is privileged to see a growing collection of applications for geospatial data every day, and we can help to close that gap.

Accelerate your success

We partner with providers of derivative data products, and both early-stage and mature satellite and aerial operators. As a data partner, Descartes Labs can help you enter, or extend your lead, in the growing geospatial marketplace.

We offer an expansive collection of partnership opportunities to help you:

  • Accelerate your go-to market strategy
  • Monetize data through new use cases
  • Capture operational savings and efficiencies

Channel sales

As a data provider, you want your customers to derive maximum value from your proprietary datasets. By exposing them on our platform, we can serve as a trusted analytics partner to help facilitate new use cases and markets. Our global customer base opens up new sales opportunities and connects you to end-users looking for novel ways to use geospatial data. As a result, we are always looking to build mutually beneficial channel sales relationships among and with data partners across the world.


With our processing-as-a-service model, you stay focused on what you do best. We handle the sophisticated data processing, management, APIs, and application development. With this level of engagement, you can focus on your data set—whether you’re operating a satellite constellation or creating data sets closer to earth. With processing-as-a-service, you accelerate time to market and quickly scale your business.

Environmental Impact

Measure what matters

Science, machine intelligence and data are valuable tools to help humanity reduce our environmental impact and improve lives around the world. Nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental or humanitarian causes are critical to this progress.

The work of these environmental and humanitarian organizations can be incredibly difficult to measure. The world is a large place and the timelines associated with the challenges they focus on are often decades or longer. But it is precisely this level of assessment that is vital to organizations working to protect our planet.

Our platform supports these organizations with the technical capabilities to develop analytics that achieve greater precision and accuracy—when they are assessing the scope of a problem or their efforts to address it. In some cases, we partner with them to co-develop analytics or solutions based on our platform.

Descartes Labs helps impact organizations achieve the following objectives:

  • Baseline the state of an environmental or humanitarian concern
  • Understand whether a policy is working
  • Make large-scale behaviors transparent
  • Support advocacy efforts with scientific facts
  • Show the scale and urgency of a problem through data and visualizations

We help organizations aimed at three types of missions:

Environmental impact

Many of the data sets we provide were specifically developed to monitor environmental integrity and pattern-of-life across the globe. Environmental pressures and changes are incredibly difficult to quantify because they are massive in both geographic scope and timeline. But this is where satellite technology excels. We maintain the full archives of numerous missions, including Landsat 4/5/7/8, MODIS and the Sentinel program. This deep history of data allows us to rigorously characterize change and develop models based on historical data that forecast change.

Humanitarian impact

We support organizations focused on humanitarian concerns, especially where the mission involves disproportionate negative effects of climate change on vulnerable populations, large scale pattern-of-life concerns (such as access to food and resources), and those with a significant geospatial aspect. Environmental challenges are inherently human justice issues and we seek to make progress in both of these areas.

Scientific impact

Our technology, and many of the data sets we leverage, are the output of a culture of science and the commitment of resources to individuals and teams looking to push the boundaries of our knowledge. We’ve set out to build technology that accelerates scientific process and allows teams to focus on discovery and experimentation. We work with government space agencies and private satellite operators to improve data quality, process data, run experiments at very large scale, and develop first-of-their-kind derivative datasets.

Our own work

We lead our own impact initiatives focused on critical environmental and humanitarian issues.