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Measure and respond to events with speed and accuracy using the power of geospatial data.


The Descartes Labs Platform helps agriculture industry leaders monitor and respond to events in the supply chain with greater speed. They leverage our solution to:

  • Predict crop health and yield faster than competitors
  • Verify and monitor deforestation and illegal land conversion in their supply chains
  • Find the locations and boundaries of fields and crop types on a continent-wide basis
  • Optimize the supply of product inventory for customers and end-users

Case Study

The Descartes Labs Platform Helps Benchmark Sustainable Farming Practices

Major agricultural companies face the dual challenge of meeting the growing demand for products and services, and acting as responsible stewards of the environment and their communities. Limited by a shortage of reliable data about farm-level agricultural practices, agriculture companies turn to the Descartes Labs Platform to analyze geospatial data and illuminate hidden components of the supply chain.

For example, an agricultural trader wanted to show growers that an investment in sustainable farming can improve their yield rates. The Descartes Labs Platform powers two models that enable such a demonstration: cover crop detection and yield modeling for corn and soybeans. This modeling requires a historical archive of complementary data sources including Landsat 7 and 8, SPOT 6 and 7, Sentinel-1 InSAR coherence, USDA Common Land Units, and weather data.  

Having this data at hand enables companies spanning the agriculture supply chain—from trading to suppliers to consumer products—to provide farmers with historical benchmarks to measure their yield performance against actual data, and incentivize continued adoption of sustainable practices in the future.

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Art of the Possible

With the Descartes Labs Platform, business and data science teams can rapidly hypothesize, test, and deploy predictive analytics. The following examples of customer successes are only a small sampling of the platform’s endless capabilities.  


Customers include companies, operating consortiums and NGOs across the agricultural industry:

Farmers and landholders




Seed and agrochemical producers

Animal feed producers

Machinery manufacturers

Specialty services providers