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Mining and Metals

Optimize industry operations across the entire mining life cycle with geospatial data.


The Descartes Labs platform delivers geospatial analytics and price forecasts for leaders in the mining and metals industry, helping them optimize operations during each phase of the mining life cycle. They leverage our solution to:

  • Enhance risk mitigation through geospatial change detection
  • Verify and quantify environmental impact or remediation
  • Increase efficiency during exploration using enhanced mineral mapping
  • Model complex market factors involved in the supply and demand of commodities

Case Study

The Descartes Labs Platform Monitors Ground Stability Across Mine Infrastructure

Operating large and geographically dispersed physical assets presents significant challenges for global mining and metals companies. Diverse assets with aging infrastructure, including unstable pit walls and insecure tailings dams, can quickly generate “tail-risk” that has the potential to change the economics of modern-day materials supply chains.

The Descartes Labs platform helps mining and metals companies mitigate ground stability risks with high-frequency and weather-independent InSAR models and methodologies that implement the latest deformation research at scale. A phased approach then combines satellite and ground-level techniques to detect and verify physical movement in remote locations globally.

Through the use of our global InSAR data pipelines, the world’s largest mining companies are able to monitor the entire footprint of multiple geographically dispersed mines every 8 to 12 days. This provides an objective early warning system that can save money by efficiently guiding on-the-ground surveys.

Advanced Mineral Exploration Package

Specially-processed multispectral datasets and pre-built workflows to accelerate mineral targeting timelines.

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Art of the Possible

With the Descartes Labs Platform, business and data science teams can rapidly hypothesize, test, and deploy predictive analytics. These examples showcase some of our customers’ success, but the possibilities are endless.  


Customers include major mining companies, juniors, service providers and technology consultants working across the mining lifecycle:

Prospecting and exploration

Mine planning and development

Extraction and processing

Bulk material handling and transport

Decommissioning and closure