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Power Forecasting

Monitor market factors, forecast outcomes, and detect risk with geospatial data.


The Descartes Labs platform enables electric utilities and renewable power companies to make asset management, risk management and trading more efficient. They leverage our solution to:

  • Monitor vegetation and encroachment of new building construction
  • Forecast solar and wind loads during peak demand
  • Detect wildfires and alert stakeholders on a continental basis in real time
  • Determine “behind-the-meter” rooftop solar inventory

Case Study

The Descartes Labs Platform Provides Real-Time Wildfire Alerting for Electric Utilities

Defined by the US Forest Service as wildfires that burn over 100,000 acres, megafires are occurring far more frequently as a result of climate change and the present-day consequences of historical forest management policies. California residents used to experience a megafire once every few decades. Now they’ve witnessed at least one such blaze annually for the past seven years.

The Descartes Labs Platform helps electric power utilities in North America reduce wildfire risk. GOES-16 and 17 (satellites operated by NASA and NOAA) scan the western hemisphere every five minutes and collect both visible light and thermal emission (heat) data. The Descartes Labs Platform pre-processes this information, and our analytics-ready, real-time data feed enables rapid wildfire alerting.

The State of New Mexico receives alerts from the Descartes Labs Platform. By getting an advanced look at fires as soon as they ignite, forestry departments and electric utilities are able to mitigate asset and regulatory risk, and proactively respond to fire incidents before they become unmanageable.

Featured Video – Detecting Wind Turbines

Art of the Possible

With the Descartes Labs Platform, business and data science teams can rapidly hypothesis, test, and deploy predictive analytics. These examples showcase some of our customers’ success, but the possibilities are endless.  


Customers include electric power utilities and renewable energy companies involved in all aspects of electricity production and distribution:

Fuel transport and storage

Electricity generation

Transmission and distribution

Electrical consumption

Smart grid development