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Many of our largest customers are still building or expanding their internal data science capability. While the Descartes Labs Platform empowers your internal team, our solutions team also provides services to build custom analytics, help you develop internal data assets and extend your data science team’s capacity and geospatial expertise.

Elite team of experts

Our solutions team is organized around three critical functions.

  • Applied Science: A team of PhDs and specialists with expertise spanning diverse scientific disciplines such as physics, mathematics, hydrology, geoscience, weather, agriculture, computer vision and atmospheric science
  • Solutions Management: Industry-focused subject matter experts and project managers who lead use case discovery and validation and ensure that development projects run smoothly with minimal risk
  • Engineering: An exceptional cloud engineering team to assist with very large scale data processing and the integration of model results with your internal systems.

Our solutions team works collaboratively with customers, providing direct contact with applied scientists. The outcomes are geospatial analytics that deliver competitive advantage.

Solutions Team At-a-Glance


Use Cases




Fortune 500 companies

Broad industry experience

Descartes Labs engages with global enterprises across Agriculture, Metals and Mining, Oil and Gas, Power and Renewables, Shipping and Logistics, and Financial Services and Insurance. Our team evaluates hundreds of commercial use cases involving satellite and proprietary customer data. Our deep knowledge catalog and expert team can quickly evaluate new data sets against known challenges in various industries or against a proposed customer problem. Common application areas include:

  • Market and Trading: Gain critical insights related to global commodities supply and demand, predict price changes and determine fair market value
  • Supply Chain: Improve visibility into your supply chain and foresee potential changes to availability of inputs and inefficiencies in logistics networks
  • Resource Exploration: Scale up geoscience workflows for mineral mapping or characterization of forest inventory
  • Sustainability and Climate: Monitor emissions, deforestation, water and natural resources, and verify sustainable development practices
  • Risk: Automatically quantify risk factors such as interference with pipelines and economically significant assets or major infrastructure failures

End-to-end solutions development

Our solutions team works with you across the project life cycle—from needs discovery through deployed and operational models. We partner with your analysts and decision makers to define a project, test ideas, fully implement your customer model and, finally, deploy and work with you to incorporate model outputs into business workflows. Benefits of our end-to-end solutions development services include:

  • Minimize risk by working with an experienced team dedicated to your success
  • Realize ROI faster by removing many dependencies on your internal resources
  • Iterate with a world-class team, working directly with our scientists
  • Deliver on the promise of geospatial intelligence with a turn-key engagement model

A la carte services

Any project involves multiple teams, skill sets and phases. You can engage our solutions team for specific project phases, allowing you to augment your internal technical teams with our expertise. Benefits of our a la carte services include:

  • Develop an internal data science and geospatial capability
  • Train your team on our platform by working alongside our science team
  • Scale up your internal model development efforts

Data and vendor consolidation

Our engineering team can build automated pipelines that ingest, pre-process and add your own geospatial data sets to the platform. We build pipelines that import your private data or data from your vendors and turn them into standardized products in the Descartes Labs catalog. This way, the data is easily accessible using uniform APIs and visualization tools, and it is available in real-time. Benefits of our data and vendor consolidation services include:

  • Make valuable data assets discoverable and easily accessible across the organization while respecting access controls
  • Ensure that data is analytics-ready, so you can experiment quickly and operationalize new models on live data
  • Reduce the time spent managing multiple data feeds

Model expansion

  • Eliminate any modeling restrictions due to compute resources
  • Extract more value from existing analytics
  • Get started developing on our platform with models you already know and use

Science consulting

Our Applied Science team can consult with your data science team to solve problems faster and build an internal capability based on the platform, geospatial data and specialized scientific knowledge. Benefits of our science consulting services include:

  • Combine the expertise of your internal data science team with our specialists
  • Fully leverage exquisite geospatial datasets to shortcut the learning curve